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Terms / Conditions of membership

§1. membership:
A membership is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the member. It is the member's responsibility that Pole Fitness Vejle has the correct contact information of the member at all times.

§2. Duration:
PBS memberships are ongoing memberships that continue until terminated pursuant to
§7. Cash memberships are not ongoing memberships and will automatically terminate upon expiry of the period paid for unless extended.

§3. Payment:
When setting up a cash membership, the amount and price for the entire contract period is prepaid. When establishing a Nets membership, the agreement is signed up to Nets and cash is paid for the period from the creation to the first payment via Nets. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the agreement is properly signed up with Nets. If Pole Fitness Vejle is required to send a bill, a fee will be paid in accordance with Pole Fitness Vejle's applicable rates. (DKK 25) Pole Fitness Vejle is exempt from VAT on class training. That being said, in the case of private tuition or other forms of individual training, VAT will be charged on this amount.

§4. Late payment:
If the current benefit of a Nets membership is not paid at the agreed time, a reminder letter is sent to the member and a reminder fee is also charged according to the applicable tariff.

§5. Price changes:
Price changes will be notified individually to the member no later than 75 days before the price changes take effect. Therefore, if the member does not wish to maintain his membership as a result of the price changes, the member is entitled to terminate his membership in accordance with the procedure in §7.

§ 6. Pause:
Your membership can be paused for up to 3 months. This can be done twice in a calendar year. The specific period must be notified by e-mail, cf. § 16, where you give notice of the exact start and end date for the pause, as well as your membership number. For each pause period, a fee is payable according to the applicable tariff, if you are paused for less than 3 months and before the pause expires, it does not cost extra to extend the pause for up to the 3 months, if you go beyond 3 months , you start a new period. Membership can only be suspended by personal contact in the studio or via e-mail. In case of doubt, the member must be able to prove that there has been an undeniable statement with date and receipt from either the center or Pole Fitness Vejle's e-mail account. If the membership is suspended after the monthly charge is sent to the payment service (approximately the 15th of each month), the member will be charged next month's payment for the membership. This payment will be reserved until the training resumes.

§7. Termination of membership:
Training memberships can be terminated with a notice of the current month + 1 month, cancellation can be done by e-mail, cf. section 16 or by personal attendance at the studio. The cancellation is effective from the date of receipt. If there is any doubt as to whether a membership has been terminated, the member must be able to prove that there has been an undeniable cancellation with date and / or confirmation from Pole Fitness Vejle's email account. Membership of the club terminates at the same time as termination of your training membership. If you wish to become a passive member of the club , you must, within 14 days of your resignation, give written notice that you wish to continue as a passive member. This is at no extra cost to you and your membership is renewed every year at the current price for membership in the association. If a cash membership is terminated before the end of the contract period, the amount will not be refunded for the unused months. It is not possible to suspend a membership during a notice period, and a possible pause is revoked if membership is terminated.

§8.Underage members:
If a person is under the age of 18, membership can only be obtained if a parent or guardian signs the membership for the person at the parent/guardian's expense. At the same time, the parent also accepts that extra expenses such as fines for failure to attend teams will also be deducted from his account.



§ 9. Health condition and personal injury:
All training is at your own risk. This applies regardless of whether training takes place in Pole Fitness Vejle studio or in connection with an event outside the studio's (eg participation in competitions, outdoor fitness or similar events organized by Pole Fitness Vejle or with a Pole Fitness Vejle team). A member is personally responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at or with Pole Fitness Vejle. Nor does Pole Fitness Vejle take any responsibility for personal injury to a member as a result of accidents or other visitors' actions or defective actions. 


§10. Valuables:
Pole Fitness Vejle recommends that all items of value be stored in a place during training where you can see it. Pole Fitness Vejle bears no responsibility for loss due to theft or property damage.


§11. Rules of conduct:
The rules and regulations in the studio and given by Pole Fitness Vejle's staff, must be followed at all times .


§12. Cancellation of reservation:
If a member is prevented from using a class reservation, cancellations must be done no later than 3 hours before the start time, otherwise a fee of kr. 25 will be imposed.


§13. Late attendance:
If a member arrives late, a fee of kr. 25 will be imposed, unless written notice of the delay to the instructor of the class. The instructor has the right to exclude students who arrive late for class if it is deemed that the student will not be properly warmed up and thus risk injury.


§14. Exclusion of member:
Pole Fitness Vejle may terminate any membership agreement without further notice. In the event of Pole Fitness Vejle's termination, all unused prepayments will be refunded.


§15. Notification of changes:
Pole Fitness Vejle may change the terms of membership with a minimum notice of 1 month. Changes are notified in the studio and on the website. However, Pole Fitness Vejle has the right to make usual changes to the rules of procedure, team activities, premises, equipment and opening hours without notice.



§16. Contact:

Pole Fitness

Lia: 40 75 33 49

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