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If you are going to arrange a bachelor party, pole is a fun way to start.

You do not necessarily have to choose pole, however, it is a great way to start a bachelor party.

Would you like for the bride or groom to have a good laugh for their bachelor party with their friends?

With us, you get  a  fun and unforgettable class doing pole dance with a skilled instructor. With you we arrange an experience according to your wishes for a unique bachelor party, and you can expect to laugh a lot! You choose the vibe; sexy or sporty, but no matter what you want, we make sure you get warm and have a good time - pole dance can be the perfect activity to start your bachelor party! We make sure to make a program that EVERYONE can participate in, so don't worry.

We offer:

  • 9 Nude costumes– release the inhibitions without exposing yourself

  • A gift for the bride / groom

  • Opportunities for various events

  • Skilled instructors

  • Filming / taking pictures so you have something to laugh about in the future

Ideas for a fun bachelortete party:

  • Pole dance

  • Pole fitness

  • Chair dance

  • AcroYoga

  • Yoga


contact us for more information. 

Man behøver ikke at flyve, for at have det sjovt
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