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Signing up


When you sign up, you pay from now untill the automatic payment is set up. The payments will be set up for Nest (automatic payment) and will be withdrawn from you chosen account the first of every month and once a year for the membership of the club.



This means that you membership, training and also if you get fines, the money will automatically be withdrawn from your account the first of every month.




Bring the yellow card and account information when you come to the studio.




All memberships and training is automatic until you cancel, this means it will not stop if you don't pay. Even if you are not attending classes, you have to pay until you cancel, unless there is a written agreement with Pole Fitness Vejle. Cancelation has to be in writing by e-mail or by coming to the studio.




If you have "studiekort", you will get the student discount until your student card expires, after that you will automatically be transferred to the normal price. 




There is no age limit at Pole Fitness Vejle. But we expect you to be mature enough to participate in the classes.


If you are under the age of 18, we need your parents signature, both for a trial lesson and the contract for signing up for classes.




Please notice that all training and stay at Pole Fitness Vejle is at your own risk.


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